OBS Studio is a free open-source software application that lets you do screen recordings. It is popular with YouTubers, gamers, and video editors.

If you are a regular user of OBS Studio then you may have encountered this common error message.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to fix the “starting the output failed” message in OBS Studio.

About OBS Studio Errors

Error messages in OBS Studio are rare, but they do still occur occasionally. Especially, when you update your operating system or reinstall a new version of the software.

You may receive the “starting the output failed message” when there is a conflict within your computer hardware and software.

Continue reading to learn how you can quickly resolve the problem. After following these tutorial guidelines, there is a link to the video tutorial version at the bottom of the page if you need further clarification.

How to Fix Starting the Output Failed OBS Studio Message

Tutorial: How to Fix Starting the Output Failed OBS Studio Message

To begin, make sure that you have OBS Studio open on your computer.

  • In the OBS Studio window, go to the bottom right and click Settings.
  • From the Setting window, select Output from the left menu column.
  • Then, go to the Recording section (under the Streaming section).
  • You will see the Encoder setting.
  • For the Encoder setting, make sure that you have “Software” selected from the menu.
  • Click Apply.

That’s all there is to it!

From now on, you should no longer see the error message.

Are you still having problems? Have a look at the YouTube video tutorial below.

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